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At SIES we consider Integrity as the highest value that distinguishes us. In order to live our Principles and Values, and therefore comply with this Code, it is indispensable that we are people of high moral quality and that it is natural for us to comply with it, preaching by example. Complying with the provisions of Our Code of Ethics will always lead us to have the satisfaction of having acted loyally with Our Company and with Our Stakeholders in a clear and honest manner, in an atmosphere of trust and cordiality in all aspects of our lives, both personally and professionally.


1.- With our Clients


Our Clients are the essence of our existence. Their satisfaction is paramount to our success. Therefore, the quality of our products and services are the main commitment to them. Our customers are our strategic allies and that is why we strive to ensure that our business proposal favors their growth and development. In our dealings with customers there is no room for any kind of corruption, bribery, favoritism or any activity that is contrary to good customs or against the health of the population.


2.- With Our Shareholders and Associates

We strive to establish the best corporate practices to provide total transparency and certainty to Our Shareholders.

We are convinced that good Corporate Governance strengthens the Shareholders’ mandate to be a well-managed, socially responsible, efficient and profitable Company, and therefore we are committed to being a model of management.

Our commitment is to provide our Shareholders and Associates with a reasonable return on their investment in a sustained manner, creating long-term value. Our Company complies, according to the legislation, with the necessary information so that the decision making of Our Shareholders and Associates is made on a consistent, homogeneous and known basis. This information is always based on transparent and clear accounting, in accordance with applicable standards.

We use resources prudently and profitably, observing the highest standards of ethical and legal conduct in all our business practices and transactions.


3.- With Our Collaborators

At SIES we strive to ensure that all employees are respected and are given an adequate space for their professional and personal development.

The way we deal with our employees is based on the Golden Rule: Respect, Fairness, Trust and Affection.

Those collaborators who wish to make a suggestion on how to improve the experience of values in SIES can do so through

  1. Respect for Individuality

Each person has a unique value and we recognize that their individual contribution is indispensable to the work team in which they work. We respect them and do not allow any type of discrimination based on age, religion, sex, race, sexual preference or any other condition protected by the laws of the community in which we operate.

This provision applies to all aspects of employment, including recruitment, selection, promotion, change of position, transfers, termination of employment, compensation, education, training and in general to all working conditions.

  1. b) Development and Values

We are committed to fostering the development of Our Personnel in a subsidiary manner and to fostering an appreciation of the highest moral values and ethical standards.

We transmit and disseminate Our Values and Principles through our conduct. We recognize that trust is the basis for a close and lasting relationship and that this is based on the integrity of the individual.

At SIES we believe in the good faith of the other unless proven otherwise.

We do not tolerate any kind of harassment or conditioning of personnel, nor do we tolerate that the success of a person depends on favoritism or bribes.

We are committed to maintaining a work environment that is free from harassment, including language or conduct that may be intimidating, discriminatory and/or offensive. We understand that this posture of respect will provide Our Personnel with the job security that will allow them to trust the Company and dedicate themselves to their duties with care.

We provide our personnel with the pertinent facilities to develop their talents and competencies and to apply them to take on greater responsibilities, within the opportunities presented to them.


We deeply appreciate and respect the life and health of all our employees. The physical integrity of Our Personnel has priority over the Company’s operational efficiency and results.

We are committed to provide a safe work environment and to continuously generate a culture that preserves the physical and mental health of our employees. Furthermore, we must keep in mind the safety of Customers, Suppliers and the social environment in which we operate in order to protect the physical integrity of all.

  1. d) Clarity and Responsibility in the Functions

We recognize the importance of transmitting to our employees the information they require for the fulfillment of their functions, because only in this way they can be involved with the objectives and priority projects of the company; to achieve them with professionalism and enthusiasm.

  1. e) Labor Organizations

It is our fundamental commitment that wherever there is a labor association, its independence will be respected as long as it represents the legitimate interests of the workers, striving for a collaborative and mutually beneficial relationship.

All relationships with labor organizations must strictly adhere to the legal provisions of the community in which the Company operates.

  1. f) Information and Confidentiality

When we integrate an Employee to SIES, he/she assumes the commitment to make responsible and legitimate use of the information to which he/she has access, keeping at all times the confidentiality and security of the information as intellectual property and industrial secret of the Company.

Even in the event that an employee for any reason ceases to work for SIES, he/she must maintain this commitment to which he/she is subject by professional ethics and by observing the laws of the countries where we operate.

  1. g) Conflict of Interest

We expect all our personnel to work with dedication for the benefit of the Company and all of us who are part of it, without our decision making being affected by any factor that favors interests other than productivity, efficacy, efficiency and the fulfillment of our goals.

In order to avoid conflicts between personal interests and those of SIES and to promote a solution if required, all SIES employees are responsible for declaring any financial or other interests that may conflict with the Company.

If any employee considers that there are personal interests that may influence their work performance or decision making, they must notify their immediate supervisor in writing.

All SIES personnel must report conflicts of interest annually in writing. No employee may, nor should, have any financial interest, work or be a consultant, or of any other nature in a Competitor, Supplier or Client business.

  1. h) Integrity and Corruption

In SIES we do not bribe, we do not receive favors or money from anyone to grant benefits to anyone. We clearly understand that in order to avoid these acts, we must remove any possible anomaly so that there is no reason to fall into corruption.

Bribery to obtain any benefit does not help our company in any way and puts it in a very serious situation and impedes its progress.

Receiving money, gifts or favors deeply affects the results and calls into question the reputation of the Company and of all of us.

These actions are illegal and may constitute a crime.

  1. i) Work of Family Members

Family members of SIES employees may work within the Company as long as the nature of their relationship does not affect either the performance of their work or the employment relationship between the employee and the Company. Therefore, the following situations between family must be excluded:

– Work relationship where there is interaction of processes between family members.

– Boss-Employee relationship.

– If one of them has an executive or managerial level in the relationship, his/her relative should not work in the same department, and should even work in a different area and/or work center.

In order to carry out the above, those who exercise any level of management have the responsibility to monitor this aspect to prevent possible conflicts and act in a timely manner.


4.- With Our Suppliers

  1. a) Agreement

We are committed to conduct honest and fair negotiations with our suppliers, without discrimination and/or impositions.

Every supplier will always be treated with the Golden Rule: Respect, Fairness, Trust and Affection.

Our commitment is a treatment that includes not only respect for the people who represent the Suppliers, but also to provide the necessary information on the results of tenders and bids, so that these processes are transparent and fair.

  1. b) Selection and Development

All proposals made by our suppliers will be reviewed comprehensively considering the price, value added, quality and service they offer.

We place the highest value on fair competition in the evaluation process for the selection of the best. We shall be consistent with our commitment to build lasting, equitable and fair business relationships.

We are also committed to protecting the rights of Suppliers with regard to the confidentiality of information provided, while expecting Suppliers to comply with SIES policies. We involve our suppliers, seeking their development and providing them with support and information to improve the characteristics of the materials and services we require from them, through a long-term relationship of trust.

  1. c) Conditions

We consider that one of our main commitments to our suppliers is the timely payment for their services and products. To this end, we establish clear agreements on payment conditions and define stable, simple and transparent processes that do not lend themselves to interpretation or bad practices.

We aspire to have Suppliers who obtain fair benefits in each transaction that promote their sustainable development, in order to be able to provide a service that evolves in all its elements, not only in price. Committed to promote the legality of operations, we are careful that our suppliers do not incur in illegal practices such as money laundering, failure to comply with their fiscal, environmental or social obligations, such as payment of social security, taxes or child labor, according to the legislation of the country.

SIES will not sustain any commercial relationship with those suppliers that incur in this type of practices. We seek that our suppliers help us to offer products of excellence, therefore, we work with those who guarantee the highest quality standards. SIES promotes the care of the environment and biodiversity and therefore expects its suppliers to do the same.

  1. d) Anticorruption

In SIES we seek to obtain from the Supplier only the benefits corresponding to the same negotiation in question, without obtaining personal advantages at the expense of the assignment of contracts and the acquisition of goods and / or services.

We will seek that the relationship with our suppliers is always a win-win relationship. For SIES the best recognition that can be received from a supplier is that it complies with the agreement, therefore we or our family members do not accept money, gifts, services, discounts, travel or entertainment. In general, our relationships with Suppliers are based on mutual trust and we aim for a satisfactory and corruption-free business experience.

Any doubtful situation must be reported immediately to the direct manager in writing and certainly before any transaction is carried out.

In support of this concept, we involve our suppliers in our principle of Personal Integrity and therefore we ask them to assume the responsibility of not offering retribution or gifts to our employees (except for promotional products as long as their value is symbolic).

 We also make available to you the e-mail account as a space to express your comments, suggestions and complaints within a framework of confidentiality.

We are committed to thoroughly review each case and act accordingly. This space is available before, during and after the Supplier-Customer relationship in the understanding that we will act fairly and without affecting the interests of the parties if the complaints proceed.


5.- With Our Competitors

In SIES we are committed to compete in the market based on price, quality and service, within a framework of integrity, respecting our competitors in every way.

We compete through quality, service and commercial strategy, according to Our Principles and Values.

We respect Our Competitors and whenever we have to talk about them we will use information based on facts.

 Any comparison with the competition will be made using accurate terms, without qualifiers and without using misleading information or argumentation.


6.- With the Government

  1. a) Respect for Laws

We keep ourselves informed of the laws of each country in which we operate and make the necessary adaptations so as not to incur in any violation. This principle applies to all business areas without exception. Failure to comply with the law is a criminal offense that can result in severe economic damage and damage to the company’s image.

As far as possible, we participate in the relevant agencies to analyze and understand the legislation, always in the most respectful manner and in the spirit of collaborating with the development of the country concerned.

  1. b) Respect for Local Traditions

 As we are present in countries with particular cultures and legislation, we try to understand and respect local customs and practices to the extent that they do not violate the law or are contradictory to our principles and values or are contrary to the provisions of this Code.

If there is any doubt as to the congruence with Our Values and local customs, the General Manager of the Organization should be consulted to determine the course of action.

  1. c) Participation in Political Activities

We do not endorse any ideological or partisan affiliation, but encourage civic collaboration in professional associations and citizens’ organizations, while stimulating the responsible exercise of political rights.

Employee participation in political and/or electoral processes is entirely on a personal basis and may not include contributions of time, financial support and resources belonging to the company.

When an associate chooses to participate in politics, contribute and give his/her opinion, he/she shall do so as an individual and shall not give the appearance of acting on behalf of and/or representing SIES.


7.- With Society

We recognize that our raison for being is the society in which we are immersed; it is to it that we owe our duty and for whom we work. Therefore, we promote volunteerism among our personnel, and we are committed to and support with our work and daily attitudes the principles and values that sustain the community in which we live.

  1. a) Employment Generation and Conservation

We are committed to the economic and social growth of the communities where we are present through the creation and maintenance of decent and productive sources of employment. We train our employees, invest in the training of our personnel and do everything possible to maintain the jobs of those who perform their duties properly and maintain a positive attitude.

  1. b) Environment

We understand that our operations inevitably have an impact on the environment, so we are committed to permanently seek ways to reduce it through continuous improvement in the control of emissions, waste management, water treatment, energy saving and any other element that could potentially affect it.

We promote among all our personnel the meticulous care of the environment and biodiversity, and we recognize responsible practices in their daily work.


8.- With Productivity

 In SIES we want to build a highly productive and fully human Company. We understand that in order to fulfill our internal and external responsibilities, we must make productive and sustainable use of our resources.

  1. a) Austerity

We are convinced that the business and daily operations of SIES must be carried out in a context of simplicity.

We are committed to carry out all our business processes under the principle of austerity. We make efficient use of the resources available to us, avoiding waste, seeking to keep them in perfect working order, seeking to maximize their capacity and prolong their useful life.

Our objective is the functionality of the expenses, always taking care to respect the dignity of our employees and their safety.

  1. b) Asset Protection

Our commitment is to protect and optimize the value of the investment, mainly through the prudent and profitable use of resources, ensuring that they comply with the relevant security standards.

The custody and preservation of SIES assets is the responsibility of each and every member of the Company. We understand by company assets not only the machinery, buildings, trucks or furniture but also the plans, designs, formulas, processes, systems, drawings, technology, plans for launching new equipment, business strategies and of course our brand.

We are committed to safeguarding the Company’s assets. In particular, we are committed to the protection of intellectual property, represented essentially by its manufacturing processes, information systems and marketing schemes, including also financial, product and personnel information. The use of the assets will be destined to the object of the business and it is strictly forbidden to make any other use of them.

All SIES employees have the obligation to report any deviation that comes to our knowledge.

Violations of the Code of Ethics

The observance of this code is strictly mandatory. The Company’s Managers, at any level, will be an impeccable example of its compliance, of constantly disseminating it and of taking the corresponding disciplinary measures when any of their Employees fail to comply with it.

Any associate who engages in business practices in terms different from those set forth in this Code will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment and/or legal action. In an international Company, it is inevitable that situations will occur that are not foreseen in this Code. In this case, we must be guided by the law, our values, principles and goodwill.

SIES associates will always be free to consult our bosses about situations where doubts arise. The Comptrollership Management, through the Internal Auditor, will include compliance with this Code in its reviews. The Ethics Committee will report to the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors every quarter. The Functional Divisions related to each of Our Stakeholders (Associates, Shareholders, Suppliers, Customers) are responsible for their compliance with this Code of Ethics.

SIES is a Mexican company that since its inception in 2001 and to date, has oriented its experience to attend and service the food industry with process equipment, conveyors, electrical panels, service and high quality spare parts.




SIES es una empresa Mexicana con 34 años en el mercado de diseño, fabricación y servicio a equipos de transportación para la industria alimenticia

Tenemos la capacidad y posibilidad de atender requerimientos de equipos de  transportación y proceso, para la industria alimenticia.

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