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As part of our philosophy of offering high quality services, SIES provides support to our customers through our Service Department, which is integrated by a group of specialized engineers and technicians who provide attention and service to the equipment we manufacture. 


We offer a wide range of specialized services to meet and satisfy all the requirements of our customers.

– Upgrading, reconditioning and overhaul of existing process equipment.

– Assembling and disassembling of equipment and production lines.

– Growth or modification of equipment or production lines. 

– Relocation and upgrading of equipment in new facilities.

– Diagnostics and reparation of heating, drying and dehydration systems.

– Preventive or corrective maintenance of equipment and production lines.

– Original spare parts for equipment we manufacture


Preferential and specialized attention to:


– Cooking ovens. (direct and indirect fire)

– Steam chambers. (Manual and automatic)

– Spiral Coolers.

– Mixers.

– Washing systems.

– Conveyors.

– Pan cleaners.

– Product fryers.

– Tortilla presses.

– Vertical diverters.

– Horizontal diverters.

– Pan indexers.

– Electrical power and control panels.

– Automatization and programming for industrial equipment and process lines.

SIES is a Mexican company that since its inception in 2001 and to date, has oriented its experience to attend and service the food industry with process equipment, conveyors, electrical panels, service and high quality spare parts.




SIES es una empresa Mexicana con 34 años en el mercado de diseño, fabricación y servicio a equipos de transportación para la industria alimenticia

Tenemos la capacidad y posibilidad de atender requerimientos de equipos de  transportación y proceso, para la industria alimenticia.

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